Steph wants a "Shed Row Barn”, which is L shaped with 5 Stalls in a Row and a Feed and Tack Room in the lower leg of the L...


Barn Soil Compacted

Going over the Barn

Feed-Tack Rooms

Steph reviewing Stalls

5 Stalls

Barn Roof

Steph@Wash Rack

View from the Neighbor

Kaley building Tatee's Barn

Shingles on Barn

Barn Concrete Poured

Barn Hardware

Delivery Barn Hardware


Stall Hardware

Tack & Feed Room

B-4 Hardware

Steph Inspecting Progress

MB Working for a Living

More Stall Hardware

Drive being Poured

Driveway from Barn

Limestone Flooring

Fencing being Off loaded

Leveling Limestone

Gossip Sliders

Rear Dutch Doors